Nothing About This Process is Cheap

uspsI fully meant to post this yesterday afternoon but after shutting my finger in the bathroom door and continuing to pull on the door wondering why it wouldn’t shut (am I sure I’m cut out for grad school?) I was left typing nine fingered – today it’s a bloody mess but the fingernail is still intact which is what I worried about as the blood spotted the carpet and I shouted for Buzz in caveman noises. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like posting again yesterday.

It was actually Tuesday afternoon when I made my trip to the post office. I had originally planned on waiting to send in my application packets until I had all letters of recommendation in hand; however, after picking up one set of letters on Tuesday, I decided I would send the letters and the application packets separately to make sure that application materials could be processed while we awaited my letters. In the mean time I did the very unpleasant – yet not as torturous as I’d imagine – job of contacting my other two recommenders to request that they complete my recommendations before Thanksgiving. This was for two reasons: 1) my first application due date is December 1st and two follow on December 15th – in order to be considered for admission ALL materials including rec’s must be received by this time. 2) For the past three years I have made the trip to stay with my mom from Thanksgiving through until New Year. This is an important trip for us to spend time together (as well as to give my dad a break from being watchful over mom and her tendency to fall), this year the trip is even more important since it will be the last year I can do this until…well I don’t know when. Both of my recommenders agreed that they could complete the rec’s in time and I am picking them up on my way out of town. What about Buzz, I hear you ask…well Buzz gets some time alone at our house (driving to meet us for the important days), he usually spends this time eating pizzas, watching football, clearing out the house BIG TIME, and working in the peace and quiet of an empty house. Being that we both work at home this time apart is a very welcome break for the both of us.

Anyway, back to the original point. Tuesday afternoon I spent a little under an hour in the post office addressing priority mail envelopes and delivery confirmation labels. The total cost of this trip can be seen in the above receipt – $67.80. I had the choice to send these packets and the one set of letters of recommendation by first class mail without the delivery confirmation but having spent so long getting these materials together I wasn’t about to risk having them thrown in to a mail bin somewhere and lost. I have the idea that for some reason the post office staff treat your mail with more care if it is mailed Priority mail, although I could be wrong. It was worth the cost to me to make sure that everything was sent priority mail – all 12 packets and letters. Fortunately I got the ONE kind and talkative employee to scan everything for me, he is also the only man who works the desk in our post office. The women who work at our post office…well I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there but if looks could kill that post office would be up for murder a million times over.

The sense of relief as those packets got handed over was indescribable, I had finally rid myself of all but one of those suckers. The only one left in my hands is the University of Illinois, Chicago since they require you wait until you have your rec’s and mail everything in together which is a pain but it’s their policy and not wanting to risk ticking anyone off I will abide by it. I can finally breath a sigh of relief…as long as I don’t think about the leak which has sprung in my savings account as a result of the application process – just this week I have dropped $67.80 in shipping and $385 in application fees…then there was the summer school classes on graduate student rates…and the books for said classes, no, never let anyone lead you to believe that applying to grad school will be an affordable process especially if you have to take a few extra classes first to ‘brush up your skills.’ I have a feeling it’ll be worth it in the end though.

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3 Responses to “Nothing About This Process is Cheap”

  1. 1

    It’ll be totally worth it! Good luck!!
    .-= Sarah, Ohana Mama´s last blog ..“Baby Face..You’ve got the cutest little baby face” (ME not my kids…) =-.

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    DG says:

    college applications cost me over 600 dollars my senior year and this was just for undergrad. why is it so ridiculously expensive? granted, I applied to 12 but all my few savings went down the drain boo

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