Preparing For A Storm

sams clubIf you live anywhere remotely close to North Carolina you will know that we are preparing for a snowstorm to hit this weekend. More specifically, tonight and tomorrow. We don’t get that much snow here, maybe once every three years or so do we get snow that sticks (keep in mind that I am in the center of the state not the mountains.) People panic here, the very thought of snow sends the masses flocking to stores forgetting their manners and acting as though Armageddon is on their doorstep. As it happened I was on the way to the store this morning anyway so I thought I’d join in. At 10am the grocery parking lot was already packed. I managed to pick up the bare necessities, you know: milk, bread, ingredients for chicken chili, deodorant…hey, if you get snowed in you have to smell good right? I also snagged a bundle of firewood in case the power does go out. I then headed back home to pick up Buzz for a trip to Sam’s Club.

Right before Christmas I won $75 worth of Sam’s Club gift cards from Rhea (an amazing woman whose blog you HAVE to visit!) over at Mommy 2 3 Monkeys and when they arrived yesterday I already had a list of what we needed to pick up at Sam’s – yes, I am that organized. The thing is that I LOVE going to Sam’s. I love going to any and all warehouse clubs. I was trying to explain the wonder to Buzz as we drove home. I love warehouse stores because in my childhood never ever did I think that it would be possible to buy that much food in one place, or even afford to buy that much at once. Now I walk around starry eyed mentally noting the savings of each product we pass and occasionally wondering how the hell people get through that much *insert product name here.*

So thanks to Rhea I had an excuse to visit the wonderful land of Sam’s Club today just in time to stock up for the storm. What did I buy you ask? Well take a look…

Quilted Northern36 double rolls of Quilted Northern for $16.88 – because Cottonelle leaves lint and, well, who wants to be caught without TP in a snowstorm? I know I wouldn’t go round and ask the neighbors for a roll unless it was an absolute emergency.

Sunkist almonds3lbs of sea salt roasted Sunkist almonds $9.46 – these make great snacks to keep on your desk and a great way to get some healthy fats in to your diet. Almonds are also one of natures most efficient fat burning foods and a great alternative to that early afternoon sweet snack. Besides when you’re snowed in you need fat to hibernate.

kelloggs finding nemo gummies42 packs of Kelloggs Finding Nemo Gummies $6.86 – because sometimes nuts just don’t cut it and having a SMALL pack of gummies on hand is a lot healthier than having 42 Hershey bars…at least that’s what Buzz tells me, I’m not buying it. Plus going without sugar when snowed in leads to fatalities.

animal crackers4lb 14oz tub of Stauffer’s Animal Crackers $5.98 – because where else can you find this many treats in one jar for under $6? They always last us months and are great for grab and go snacks when you’re running late or are just too lazy or tired to think about what to snack on. Even snowed in you couldn’t go through all these.

lance peanut butter crackers20 Lance peanut butter cracker packs $4.98 – This is all Buzz, being a man he needs much more calories than I and I’m just too lazy to cook the extra two meals a day that he could feast upon and so I buy him snacks and frozen meals…what a good girlfriend I am! Also, should we get snowed in I can bribe him with peanut butter crackers.

fuji apples5lb bag of Fuji apples $5.98 – I know, you don’t believe it, something healthy! Actually I love apples and where I’m not picky Buzz is and will only eat Fuji’s. I usually grab an apple with a spoon of peanut butter for a night time snack, again healthy fats which are severely lacking in my diet from PB. I will also say that apples inside snowballs make for funny practical jokes…as long as you’re not the one being hit with them.

Rowdie Rib™ with SBR BBQ Sauce8 Rowdy Rib Sandwiches with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce $8.86 – Buzz is having an affair with the McRib and this is about as close as he can get to a secret rendez vous. These make great 4th meals for Buzz and mean no extra work for me. Sure you may worry about the calorie count but Buzz is one of those people we hate who never puts a pound on. These aren’t good for much in snowstorms other than perhaps knocking your partner unconscious when you’re tired of hearing them go on and on about how bored they are.

Tyson breaded chicken patties3.75lb bag of Tyson breaded chicken patties $10.98 – I love these things, we ate so many of them as kids that you’d think I was sick of them but there’s something nostalgic about a chicken patty between soggy pink slices of ketchup bread. When snowed in they make great frozen Frisbee’s…unless the dog catches them.

So that was the extent of our stocking up at Sam’s. Now that you’re done reveling in my shopping talent or perhaps just the amount of crap we bought, you should go and figure out what you’re doing for dinner tonight. Me? I’m throwing some of those frozen patties in the oven and taking a Friday night off!

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4 Responses to “Preparing For A Storm”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    Your posts are so cute. I love your fun anctedotes 🙂 “because Cottonelle leaves lint ” made me LOL

  2. 2

    aaww…thanks for the linky love! I’m glad you got all stocked up, it’s what I love about Sam’s Club, too. Hope you are doing well in the storm. 🙂
    .-= Rhea@mommy23monkeys´s last blog ..Sometimes Even Mommy’s Suck =-.

    • Amy says:

      We’re alive and well! Thanks for asking Rhea! We slid around the parking lot a little today which was scary but all in all we’re home and safe!

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