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AmyWelcome to Mevolving! For the sake of introductions I will copy you my “about me” section after all meetings should start with introductions shouldn’t they?

My name is Amy, I was born in 1981 in northern England and made the trek to the U.S when I was 12 years old. I have been living in central North Carolina ever since.

My household is comprised of myself, my significant other (aka Buzz, so named for his love of Buzz Lightyear…yes, even at 38 years old) who makes his living as a website designer and entrepreneur, and our middle aged Black Labrador retriever (aka Baba, a nickname that has somehow overtaken his real name in popularity). I define myself as a student, a financier to a very unorganized (but desperately longing to be organized) household, an avid shopper, a thrifty minded woman, a refined sugar LOVER, a “non-traditional student”, a hard worker with never enough time on her hands, a gadget fiend, a lover of all things that make my life easier and an optimist.

I graduated Appalachian State University in 2001 with my bachelors degree in psychology and decided it best at the time to tackle the big wide world head on. Well it’s now…quite a few years later and I am embarking on a journey back to school to obtain my doctorate in psychology after a significant hiatus from institutional education. Becoming a non-traditional student is certainly more than I bargained for but sure to be worth it in the end!

The steps that I have undertaken so far are both challenging and fun, a break from the monotony that I had been living, behind a desk as a self employed web designer but oh so challenging. A few refresher courses in the summer of 2009 got my brain kick started and ready to go and now I am focusing on my GRE date (September 18th) and those lengthy and expensive graduate school applications.

I intend to become a doctor of Forensic psychology with a focus on deviant behaviour, deception, and kinesics. Where I will obtain this degree is very much still up in the air and mostly hinges upon acceptance and tuition waiver/stipend offerings.

School selections to date: University of Nevada in Reno
Expected graduation: 2015
Age upon graduation: 34

Mevolving.com is intended to not only give me a place to share my journey as a non-traditional (a nice way of saying older) student venturing back to school while juggling a family life and the responsibilities that come with being “non-traditional”, but it is also intended to provide reviews of products which serve to make the lives of students (traditional and non-traditional alike) and jugglers of multiple life roles, easier.

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    yefi says:

    that’s a wonderful photo of you. great blog -been reading your entries. very personal!

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