My Financial Confessions of 2011

The Financial Blogger

After reading The Financial Blogger’s blog post with an opportunity to win $500 which, let’s face it, I could very much use right now, I have decided to share my financial confessions of 2011 here on my blog. The $500 Financial Blogger competition is sponsored by Life Insurance Finder – the easiest place to compare life insurance and this is an opportunity I couldn’t miss…so here we go:

This year I have relied too much on the credit cards I worked hard to pay down.

This year I have frequented those “fancy coffee shops” just a little too much for “a special treat.”

This year I have bought far more craft supplies than I would ever have time to use.

This year I indulged a little too much in my cookbook collecting habit.

This year I did not invest half as much as I wanted to back in to savings.

This year I did not have renters insurance – an investment I REALLY REALLY wish I had made when I watched our home go up in flames.

I am sure there are plenty more but those are the biggies for the 2011 year and they are all things that I am working on for this financial year – hey, I haven’t had a Starbucks hot chocolate even ONCE this year so far!

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