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Breeze Comfort Bra Review Winner!
Congratulations to KATHERINE! Comment #43 on the Breeze Comfort Bra giveaway! Katherine I will be contacting you to get your shipping information to forward to Breeze Comfort! Sad that you didn't
Peeled, Inc. Giveaway Winner!
Congratulations to the winner of the Peeled, Inc. snack giveaway: Amber, comment #74! Amber I will contact you shortly to get your shipping information to get these tasty snacks out to
Pet ID For Me Winner!
Congratulations to Audrey M for winning the Pet ID For Me contest! Audrey will receive a magnet and a large and small customized tag for her dog! If you didn't win,
BJ’S Warehouse Giveaway Winner!
I was surprised that there wasn't a big turn out for this one but I did make it a short term contest unlike my other contests so maybe that's why,