Food Filled Saturday

rumcakeUnlike most people who would rather have a day at the beach or a day by the pool, I relax by cooking…well baking. I grew up with a family where someone was ALWAYS in the kitchen. I spent the great majority of my childhood being raised by my grandparents (my grandfather particularly); however, with a large family there was always someone who wanted to eat and consequently either one of my grandmothers was constantly in the kitchen. Combine this fact with my incredible sweet tooth and it’s an obvious choice for me to bake whenever I get the time.

Now I never said I was a master baker, nor that I don’t use *gasp* box mixes to bake once in a while but on other occasions (such as the one pictured above) I do bake from scratch…that is a rum cake by the way, heavy on the rum baked for my mom’s birthday at the end of July. Today was not a bake from scratch day but I did get the hankering for some time in the kitchen so I grabbed a box of yellow cake mix and two…yes TWO tubs of chocolate icing. I had put the pork butt I snagged at Harris Teeter this week in the crock pot last night so by the time I woke up the house smelled gloriously like food and I was ready to add a little sweetness to the menu for the day.

I LOVE to bake cupcakes and use my icing bag to make them look “fancy”, yes it always ends up being way too much icing but the want to be cake decorator in me insists on the things looking gorgeous before everyone dives in, so here is my cupcake effort for the day:

Amy's cupcakes

As for that Boston Butt BBQ? See for yourselves (be warned non-southerners this may resemble something you would feed your dog but you don’t know what you’re missing)

Southern BBQ

Of course now the cooking and baking is done I’m not hungry in the least…

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One Response to “Food Filled Saturday”

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    yefi says:

    those cupcakes look divine. wish everyday was sweetfilled for me -could use a cupcake right about now

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