Check Out The Ragu Tailgate Party Contest at Baby Loving Mama

It seems that lately I have been spending quite a lot more time blogging about contests and giveaways – when I find myself here blogging that is. There are quite a few reasons for this, namely:

1. Every single thing in my life since July 21st, 2011 has revolved around my home burning down, retelling the story to those who need more details, working overtime to make enough money to start to replace things we lost and trying to find the best deals on everything we need to replace. So when it comes to blogging…I just have no more left in me to talk about, in fact I quite enjoy what “quietude” I can salvage these days but after six months of living with my parents and twin brothers, away from Buzz who is overseeing the rebuild, who can blame me right?

2. We need the money and items that these contests offer, even a toaster helps at this point.

3. Contests. Are. Awesome.

With that out of the way, I wanted to tell you about the Ragu Tailgate Party Contest that Baby Loving Mama is holding on her blog. The contest is generously being sponsored by Ragu and not only gives you the opportunity to win a $300 AMEX card but it also gives you some great ideas for tailgating recipes. Since I have been staying here with my family for a while my diet has changed, I eat what the family eats for the sake of keeping things simple and that’s not a good thing – at least not for my waistline. Since new years however, I resolved to make a few better eating choices and when I went to find some recipes that I liked I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find any that would work with eating healthy…er. I did find quite a few that sounded delicious though! Take a look at two of my favorites!

Ragu chicken parm


Ragu Tuscan Vegetable Wrappers


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