Starbucks Contest Additional Entry!

coffee2To everyone who has entered the contest to win the $50 Starbucks gift card contest I have now added an additional entry method! You can now get 20 additional entries to the contest by purchasing a text link on the right sidebar of my blog (where it says ‘Your Ad Here’.) A text link on my blog costs $10 for 30 days.

So why did I add this option? Well, I had contacted Starbucks naively thinking that they would appreciate the feedback of their customers and offer to donate a coupon to add on to my basket of goodies – they did not however, in fact they told me in so many words that they already did their own charity thing and to talk to my local store but they had nothing for my readers in return for their feedback. I know I shouldn’t be ticked, they’re not obligated to after all but I am just a little…well, I don’t know, I mean all I requested was a coupon! I will still be adding goodies in to the Starbucks package so don’t worry about that but the more text links sold the bigger the goodie bag will be!

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