Update Re: Contest Entries

yield1Quite a few people have been commenting that their entries to one of the three giveaways I am currently running are not showing up and I thought that rather than spend my time e-mailing individuals I would address this concern here.

The bottom line is that I moderate my comments for a reason. I love doing giveaways and I love to reward the people who put the effort in to come to my blog and get to know me but when people don’t read contest rules and do not enter contests using the required entry method I will not approve the comments PERIOD.

During my first giveaway I made a point to e-mail people when they were doing bonus entries and had not completed the mandatory entry to satisfaction; however, I no longer do this because it is simply too time consuming. I don’t feel that it is unfair to ask contest entrants to read the requirements for entry prior to entering my giveaways.

So the answer to the questions I have been seeing in regards to missing entries is that if your comments are not showing up on the contest after a reasonable ‘comments held in moderation’ period then you missed something. Missing something in the mandatory entry will result in all subsequent entries being deleted without me e-mailing to let you know because ladies and gentlemen, while I love my blog and I love doing giveaways I also have a life and a job which does not consist of picking up after anyone, not even Buzz.

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