And Breathe….

polarbearFinally more steps have been made both in life and towards graduate school. Yesterday night I received the final financial documentation I needed to file my taxes so this afternoon I finally got those bad boys sent in. Sending those in meant that I could finalize my FAFSA and get that sent in too (you can send the FAFSA in prior to your tax return and go in and amend it later if you so choose). So this afternoon after I sent in my return I filled in that FAFSA and got that sent in as well to try and assure some further funding options for school.

I will tell you now that filling in the FAFSA online was pretty easy although being me I still worry. What if I didn’t do it right? It’s pretty easy to do right though with each box telling you where to find the required information but like all of my application information, I worried about those too. Official documents and I just result in aggravation, lucky for me I have financially savvy friends and my dad is also a whiz at these things too so it helps to relieve some of the tension.

I feel able to breathe with all of these forms filled out and sent in, just one more step closer to graduate school!

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