Application Status Update

Status declinedLast night I received my first response from one of the six schools I applied to for Fall 2010 via e-mail. In order to keep better track I will post all six schools in each of my status updates:

1. University of California, Riverside – Declined
2. University of Nevada, Reno –
3. University of Arizona –
4. University of Illinois, Chicago –
5. University of Virginia –
6. Boston College –

I have to admit that it caught me pretty unawares to find an e-mail in my inbox with the news that my application had been declined, both because I was not yet expecting to hear from any schools and also because I was not expecting to hear via e-mail. I understand why it is done via e-mail, it saves on cost and lets me know the status of my application earlier on. While California would have been a nice area to be in for the field I want to go in to it was just one of six schools and as my family and friends keep telling me – there are still five more!

I won’t lie to you, I was slightly disappointed, memories of my undergraduate application process rang through my head – I can’t remember how many schools I applied to for undergrad but I was wait-listed or declined by all but one. It shouldn’t be a big deal, as Buzz told me, you don’t HAVE to go anywhere this time, but it stings a little bit and certainly makes you re-evaluate your life choices. That all said though I have five more schools to hear from and there is nothing I can do but get back on that horse and keep on riding and if I get to the end of the track without any opportunities? Well I turn that damn horse around and ride right back again.

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