Brainless Tuesday

NumbersI won’t make a habit of posting multiple times a day…although hell it’s my blog I could if I wanted right? But things are looking pretty sparse and, well, I had something to say so here I am.

For the past few months I have kept a running counter on my desktop of the exact amount of time I have before my looming GRE test date on September 18th at noon and for the past few months that date just seemed too far away to give any thought. Looking up at that counter tonight as I started on my grocery list with coupons in hand for tomorrow’s shop I realized that that number now says 16 days and 12hrs. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I felt like it would never be here, that I had all the time in the world to review concepts from my days in middle school that have somehow slipped through the cracks…but now I have two weeks and two days and my hands are shaking with nerves at the very thought of it. I sat down to study today and my brain had completely checked out, I mean 6 correct and 18 incorrect questions checked out. It was just one day though and not my usual performance…I just hope it’s not my performance on test day!

I have been studying on average 15-25hrs a week for…I’d say a good three months total but I was a slow student the first time around and although I’m picking up concepts quickly I’m also feeling like I’m picking them up for the first time all over again and let’s not even get started on the test anxiety.

I ran in to Study Prof’s blog which has helped me to try and ease out of my test taking anxiety but that being said I am a naturally nervous person when it comes to testing my ability…seriously I would fail a spoken English language test through sheer nerves. My favorite study guide so far has been Sparks Notes FREE online GRE prep, quick enough but thorough and they avoid bombarding you with countless ideas and formulas that they don’t feel you need to know…whether you need to know them in the end or not only time will tell…16 days, 12 hours, 39 minutes and 58…57 seconds of it…

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One Response to “Brainless Tuesday”

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    yefi says:

    im filled with anxiety reading this. i have a fear of standarized tests and two weeks is too close for comfort!

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