Grants, Scholarships and More

grantI began looking in to grants, scholarships and other funding options tonight out of curiosity. While  I believe all six of my school choices give financial opportunity to students by means of research assistantships and teaching assistants (I would check my notes but they are downstairs and I am already tucked in to bed with my laptop warming my legs) I want to be able to have every opportunity available to me. If I thought that narrowing down my school choices was difficult it was a joke compared to looking for funding. I imagine this process would be much easier with an advisor to help recommend applications and  the like but I have no one to advise me and I am absolutely stumped as to where to begin. I am a 28 yr old woman seeking a doctoral degree, not a citizen but not considered an international student either – I am a permanent resident via green card ownership but English citizen, I am seeking to add to research in national security – namely threat recognition. I am seeking to obtain a PhD in forensic/social psychology. Now if I could just put all of that information in to a program and have it spit out where I should begin looking I would be all set…instead I will turn to my friend Google or else make better use of my APA membership!

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One Response to “Grants, Scholarships and More”

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    yefi says:

    there are so many scholarships out there but they entail so much work. hope you get some though!

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