It’s Done

riversideWell It’s done, the agonizing is over and school #6 has been picked. UCR had contacted me last week based on my GRE score and to be honest I hadn’t even looked at the school prior to that time. I had been researching many of the California schools based on the fact that much non-verbal research originates from the area but the few schools that I had researched were located in areas that we could never feasibly live in due to the cost of living. When UCR contacted me with their form letter I decided to look in to it a little more and found that the cost of living was reasonable for the area and the university also has two faculty who are well suited to my pursuits.

As of this morning the choice was down to UCR or Buffalo. My interest in Buffalo lies particularly in Mark Frank’s research and current projects; however, unfortunately there is no way for me to work with him unless I pursue a communication degree which is not where I want to be. While Frank is conducting research in particular areas of non-verbal communication and biometrics that I hope to be able to contribute to in the future, the University of Buffalo does not have a social psychology which focusses in my desired area and as a result the pursuit of a doctoral degree from Buffalo would be tedious and more than likely with the ack of fit with social psych faculty it would be impossible to even be considered for acceptance.

I am relieved to have the decision made on school #6 but the very idea of moving to California still scares the life out of me. It is not assured that I will be accepted to Cali by any means, in fact none of my schools are a guarantee…I’m just hoping that out of the six I have chosen to apply to I have a chance at at least one of them!

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2 Responses to “It’s Done”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I am excited for you! I had childhood dreams (that still lie dormant somewhere in my soul) of moving to California.

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    congrats! some bigtime decision making here. i have 14 schools on my list ay

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