Lift Off…Again?

RocketWell it seems yesterdays post was a little premature and upon reviewing my application details it became clear that a bug in the system at UVA was not going to allow me to enter that .5 on my GRE analytical section. Now I could have opted to put the 5 and enter the 92% hoping that they would realize that a .5 belonged on the end of that 5 but instead I wrote to the admissions office. Sure I risked looking like a complete know it all but the fact of the matter is that I worked damned hard for that 5.5 and I want credit for every fraction of those points. Fortunately by lunch time today the system was fixed and now I am $60 lighter thanks to the admissions office of UVA.

As it happens I am also $65 lighter thanks to the University of Arizona – I am thankful at this point that I had the foresight to save as much as possible from my part time job before it ended.

The applications themselves aren’t as stressful as I had expected them to be to be quite honest. I set aside a day for each and have been relatively close to keeping that schedule. The questions are simple enough, mostly demographic information and what I plan to study – a brief recap of me. I was also extremely happy to learn that despite being a citizen of the UK I am still considered a domestic student due to the fact that I have a green card which determined me as a “permanent resident.” This has saved me a significant amount of worry.

The one thing that has perturbed me slightly about the admissions process has been the inconsistency of instructions. Schools have switched from a paper system to an electronic system and this I understand but what I don’t understand is why no one bothers to update the actual application instructions to inform you as to exactly what you can do online and what they expect to be delivered via mail. My specific complaint comes in to play with letters of recommendation. I read instructions for application for every one of my six programs, I then printed out all of the documents necessary and put together my organized packets of information for my professors to make their letter writing easier. Fine, great, done…or not. You see yesterday as I set up accounts to begin submitting online applications I noticed that quite a few of them requested for emails of recommenders so they could email for online recommendations. I REALLY WISH the rest of the application instructions had reflected this fact because as I fill in information my professors who are currently working on written letters are receiving e-mails from institutions asking them to fill in an online letter and not only does that leave them slightly confused but it also leaves them feeling as though they are being pushed to get these letters done. It frustrates me as well because it makes me look incompetent and disorganized, of which I am neither.

All complaining aside the entire process with exception of the inconsistency was relatively painless. I now have two applications sent in and the corresponding packets of information ready to mail, all that is left is to collect letters of recommendation for those schools and mail those in. Tomorrow, I will attempt to tackle two more schools to catch up on my schedule but completing one will make me happy enough since it is still only October.

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4 Responses to “Lift Off…Again?”

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    DG says:

    I don’t know if I mentioned that I am applying to schools as well and can totally relate. No one updates anything and nothing in terms of instructions is cohesive. so frustrating! what sorts of programs are you applying to?

    • Amy says:

      I am applying to PhD programs in Social Psych that have a focus on law/forensic application.

      • yefi says:

        i was going to ask the same question. i plan on applying to law school next year –seems like so much work ugh

        • Amy says:

          It is a lot of work but it’s worth it, if you want it badly enough you will jump through the hoops – no one said you can’t complain as you jump through some of them though 😀

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