Meeting My Professor

teacherI met with my favorite professor from this summer today. I feel badly saying ‘favorite’ because I thoroughly enjoyed both of the classes I took but this one particular professor clicked for me. He was encouraging and just overall he is a really nice person who made the time to talk with me on any matter of topics that I brought up and he didn’t mind when I reminded him to post articles that he had overlooked for our assignments. So anyhow, I met with professor G today to talk with him about my graduate school endeavor and to give him the information I thought he would need for my letter of recommendation.

Professor G made room in his schedule to talk with me for a little over half an hour in regards to what he could provide on a letter of recommendation and what he could not for lack of insight. I knew all of this going in since I had only taken one brief summer class with him but I explained my situation with having been out of undergrad for almost 8 years and having a variety in the three letters I was requesting from faculty and my graduate student researcher. Professor G also was gracious enough to offer some advice on what I should consider adding to my Statement of Purpose – two elements which I will be working in to the statement tonight. Brain willing. Professor G and I after a little catching up decided to meet a little over two weeks from now for me to collect my letters from him (5 of my 6 choices request that I mail in recommendation letters with my application packets)…okay so Professor G offered to have the letter completed by the last Tuesday of the month and of course I accepted! I had no idea that these things could be done so quickly but I suppose in consideration of all things on a professors proverbial ‘plate’ it is better not to have a student’s request for a letter of recommendation hovering over your head.

I feel extremely fortunate to have met Professor G, I had only one professor like him in college and my shyness didn’t allow me to talk with him and request more information when I desired it. In my senior year of undergraduate I did contact him for a reference book recommendation; however, that was the extent of our communication – something which I really regret so many years later.

Today I also dropped off my other two recommendation packets of information for my other two recommenders. My second professor had recommended that I leave it in his mailbox and my researcher is currently out of town so I placed hers in her mailbox along with the data I tabulated for her last week.

I am anxious, I have no reason to be really but I fear that they will all read and laugh at my statement of purpose. Again, there is absolutely no justification of this fear and yet it is there and so again I will sit and read and re-read this thing until it looks absolutely perfect…and then I will read it again.

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    yefi says:

    ive found that theres always going to be favorites with professors and clearly the ones who challenge yet believe in your ambition are the best

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