Money, Money, Money

dollarWell it’s that time of year again…okay so it’s a few months early but this year I have to file our taxes early to make sure that I get my FAFSA in on time! The FAFSA is a huge deal as far as getting grants, student loans and the like for school so it’s important to get it in as soon as possible to ensure any funding you may be eligible for will come to you rather than other students who are vying for your funds.

Tax time is always a stresser for me but for the past two days I have been struggling with a migraine so it’s most likely not the best time to tackle TurboTax but that said I am too excited for the FAFSA application to keep waiting! I know how weird that sounds but it’s just another step on my way to graduate school and I am excited. First up my business taxes, usually the harder of the two to file but I LOVE how TurboTax will import my last years taxes making it so much easier to complete this years! If you’ve never used TT’s software I highly recommend it, it makes a stressful time of year so much less stressful!

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2 Responses to “Money, Money, Money”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I remember that awful FAFSA, having to fill it out every year. Have fun. Ugh.

    • Amy says:

      It’s not too bad online actually, it’s just the taxes that kick me in the butt. Apparently all the forms aren’t released yet so filing my taxes completely isn’t a possibility!

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