Moving on…out?

movingAfter e-mailing one of the professors I was interested in working with in California only to have him kindly reply that he wasn’t focusing on my particular area this coming year, I realized that I had been putting too much emphasis on California. I have five other colleges that I am applying to and while three of them are not as desirable for me, they are all options. This morning I sat down to do a little research on one of my other options – Boston College.

How anyone can afford to live near Boston College is beyond me! I will find a way to make it work if it is the school I choose but making it work will be like a large lady trying to shove her size 13 foot in to a size 6 1/2 shoe. In North Carolina Buzz and I pay $1,000 a month in rent. We live in a two bedroom townhouse (approx. 1,200 sq ft) that allows us to have our 80lb Labrador. While the home isn’t ideal it is a home, a two bedroom, two and a half bath home that allows our fur kid to live with us – we wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking at apartments around Boston college this morning the prices ran the gamut from $1,000 for a studio apartment that didn’t allow dogs (NO THANK YOU) to $1500 a month for a two bed, one bath that allowed big dogs. We need a two bedroom home being that Buzz works from home and needs an office. We need somewhere that will allow a Labrador that weighs in at 80lbs because leaving my boy will NEVER be an option. We would like more than one bathroom – this is the ‘luxury’ we seek in a town where rent is an arm and a leg.

I remember asking Buzz when I was looking at Boston College, why their stipends were quite a bit higher than other schools – well, now we know. I know if it is the school I choose then we will figure out a way to make it work, 2 bedrooms, a Labrador Retriever and possibly two bathrooms and all but it concerns me. When I look at my other options – The University of Arizona for example, we could be living in a four bedroom, two bathroom, pet friendly, gorgeous house for just $1395 a month. I know it’s the difference between two drastically different cities but man, what a difference it is!

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3 Responses to “Moving on…out?”

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    DG says:

    oh my goodness apartments and any real estate in the general Boston area and NYC come with exorbitant price’s ridiculous but the colleges are so nice in Boston 🙂

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