One Down

newyorkAfter a lengthy discussion with Buzz this afternoon we both realized that New York is simply not for us, at least not now. While John Jay is an extremely respectable institution there are just too many factors working against us for me to make the decision to apply. The first issue that we both share is the financial worry, even with a stipend and a tuition waiver in order to live semi comfortably in a tiny apartment we would both end up working a second job in order to make it…this is simply not fair for Buzz and not feasible for me while in school. The second factor that arose was that if we wanted a decent home which could accommodate Jet then I would have to commute which meant either driving in to NY City daily (no thank you!) or riding the subway alone (yeah, I’m not up for that). These two realizations alone were enough for us to eliminate John Jay as a an option for school #6. That being said we did not; however, eliminate the option of moving to NY when I complete my degree and we have more money to live comfortably. NY offers many opportunities for forensic psychologists and the pay is good, so someday New York you may be our haven, but for now I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait.

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One Response to “One Down”

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    yefi says:

    first factor for me is expense and i cant be an impoverished student. smart move.

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