Status Update #4

declinedOn 1am on Saturday morning I received the e-mail from the University of Virginia. I am not quite sure why it rolled in at 1am but I was still awake working on my part time job obligations. I have yet to show any real emotion when it comes to being declined by my graduate schools but this one pushed the limits for me and after a brief battle with the wobbling lip I burst in to tears. Of all of my applications I was most hoping to get in to the University of Virginia. It’s closer to home, they have a great program with local resources and the staff I would have worked with are simply amazing (that is not to put down staff at any of the other colleges I applied to.) But I knew I was reaching since I came in under most of their requirements for graduate school entry. I keep being told that this is a tough year, that so many more people are applying to schools this year and funding is lower than usual but these things don’t help ME feel better. After so many rejection letters one is allowed a little indulgence in self pity as long as it is merely fleeting and it is followed up by a gameplan. My gameplan is to await the results from Chicago and Reno and then research masters programs which are significantly easier to get in to – did you know that many masters programs will fund you fully as well?

In order to keep better track I will post all six schools in each of my status updates:

1. University of California, Riverside – Declined
2. University of Nevada, Reno –
3. University of Arizona – Declined
4. University of Illinois, Chicago –
5. University of Virginia – Declined
6. Boston College – Declined

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4 Responses to “Status Update #4”

  1. 1
    Karie says:

    Sending you virtual hugs my friend….I know how you are feeling. You are brilliant and EFF them if they won’t have you. Okay…now to watch your mingle. ((HUGS))

    • Amy says:

      You are such a great friend to have, I love my friends who make me feel as though I have been overlooked and not that I am not “wow” enough to be admitted.

  2. 2
    Queen Bee says:

    There is a reason for everything that happens. Trust in that. These declines are saving you from something that wouldn’t be any good for you at those schools. Keep your faith. EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

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