Still Playing the Waiting Game

waitingIt was October when I submitted my graduate applications. The estimated time to hear from schools in regards to their admission decision is between the end of February to the middle of March and potential students have until early April to make their decision on whether or not they will be accepting a place offered to them. I have already heard from California and Boston, leaving me four schools which I have yet to hear from. With tomorrow being the end of the month I know that I still have a while to wait. I’m not really sure how I even made it from October until now without completely freaking out about not knowing where I would end up but now, as the final date draws closer, the “freak out” period has begun. I have read that when schools really want you they will let you know sooner rather than later but I’m not sure whether this is all talk or something that depends on the school…

I began searching graduate student forums for acceptance decisions to see if I should be expecting decisions soon. It seems that I was not invited to any of the interview weekends that took place for many of my schools in the past two weeks. Buzz lovingly told me that maybe it is because the schools were unsure about these applicants and were sure about me. While I would love to be positive and believe that, I read that some students were offered admittance right then and there so it is my belief that I am either to expect a denial letter or else I am the last on the list. I will take being last on the list, I can deal with being last on the list! Still, there is no reason to panic yet, I will take things as they come.

Will I be absolutely mortified if I do not get acceptance anywhere? Of course, and it is very likely that I will tell no one, barring family and of course you all. I know how funny that sounds because this is a public blog, but I know not everyone out there reads this and I am certain that should fate decide that this isn’t my year for school that I will need some support from you all, my friends.

Here’s keeping fingers crossed and hoping for news this coming week.

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2 Responses to “Still Playing the Waiting Game”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Panic and fear resides within us all. Don’t let it overcome you. Know that worry and fear will not help the situation any, and try to breath deeply and relax. No worries, my darling.

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