The Silent Treatment

atom It started off as a good day, up early enough, gym, shower, headed down to my testing site to check out where I will be taking the GRE on Friday…and then IT happened. I still don’t know how, in fact I still don’t know why but rarely, if ever, do we get a reason. The first ten minutes of the drive we were joking and chatting and then IT happened, he got quiet, seemed upset or even *gasp* moody, so I dared to ask it – “what’s wrong?”. You know well enough about IT to know that I got the usual answer “nothing, mumble mumble”. The silence becomes deafening and that “your on your own” feeling creeps in as I realize that the radio isn’t on and now I’m trapped in THAT silence. That silence in which the noise of the turn signal bores in to your head, that tick toc actually sounds like the words are being spoken with every flash of the lights.

Lunch was awkward, sat in near silence eating away, listening to the business men at the table next to us talking about WWII although God knows none of them were old enough to serve. We both ate too quickly.

Back in the car it’s the silence again, no one elses conversation to eavesdrop on this time and I dare to ask if I’ve done something to annoy him because he’s being reeeally quiet. No, no it was frustration at having to find somewhere for lunch.

We make it through two bank drivethroughs. There’s that turn signal again, getting louder and louder so I reach for the radio. Pink Floyd, I hear my grandfather’s message for me in the words “shine on you crazy diamond”. I smirk to myself but only long enough for me to know.

When we get home I take solace in a single Dove dark chocolate promise, it’s message to me: “Share a Chocolate Moment With Someone You Love” – even my chocolate is mocking me.

It could be the requesting of me to share my chocolate indulgances, or it could be the silent treatment, or it could possibly be the mounting stress over my GRE date on Friday but either way should you see a moderately built brunette on the headline news with a bag of chocolate in one hand and something ominous in the other, you can be sure that is me, and that I finally snapped.

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One Response to “The Silent Treatment”

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    yefi says:

    wow. i still don’t get why you got the silent treatment and i feel awkward just reading this. silence creeps me out.

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