Tick, tick, tick

clockTime is ticking today and I’m feeling rushed, so much to get done before headed to spend Thanksgiving with family. Most importantly I am headed up to UNC to pick up the remaining letters of recommendation so I can finally have all the materials needed for my grad school applications mailed in. I am concerned. I e-mailed both of my recommenders to let them know that I would be by at noon today to pick up the letters but have only heard back from one of them. They both acknowledged that their recommendations were needed before Thanksgiving and said they would be done before Thanksgiving break which begins tomorrow. I should have no reason to worry but it is my nature to worry anyway. I will not stop worrying until I have everything in hand and then mailed off. Roll on noon!

Following a trip to the post office it’s back here to get everything ready for my trip to visit family for the holidays. I look forward to the break, to visiting my family but I cannot seem to think that far ahead today, my primary concern is getting those letters sent off. I still haven’t even packed. I am a last minute packer. Pulling out a suitcase I will throw absolutely everything I own in to the case and wonder at why it won’t close. Once I get to where I’m going I then marvel that even though my entire closet is shoved in to a suitcase, I have absolutely nothing to wear – how does that happen?

I also toyed with the idea of doing Black Friday this week, I don’t know why. I think perhaps my need to save money but we are really tight on budget this year so we aren’t going after any big ticket items so it really defeats the point of Black Friday’ing. Perhaps, like last year, Buzz and I will trek out to Target just to check things out in the early afternoon instead.

Okay, well this is me checking in. I am now off to continue this hectic day and pray, pray, pray that everything goes to plan!

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2 Responses to “Tick, tick, tick”

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    Rosey says:

    Good luck with your grad apps., and Happy Thanksgiving!

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