Updated GRE Scores II

gretest1Since there are only two more days left and I only have two more retakes left I thought I should update my GRE testing scores. Since I finished the 6 full practice tests I had at my disposal I decided to do retakes of them all before the day of the test. Retesting with the same materials presents a problem for me in that I unintentionally memorize the position of answers or else the answers themselves when I revise the test the first time, hence the perfect verbal score on retake # 1. I’m hoping I get test #1 as my test on the day, what a stroke of luck that would be. Test scores also seem to be varying again with retakes, with the exception of test 1 my retakes have resulted in one section of the test increasing in score and the other decreasing. Today’s test; however, should not count as it was completed while listening to a customer service call taking place upstairs which completely broke concentration.

Quantitative (Math)
480 670 500 800
620 510 460 630
410 690 620 610
510 570 600 500
610 (ETS) 570 (ETS)
620 (ETS) 560 (ETS)

The GRE test center itself is located off the side of a Sylvan learning center which feels very homey to me since I spent half of my educational life being tutored in one to make up for deficits created by moving from one country to another. The center is quiet and the man that runs the testing section is reserved, stern looking but not mean, he told me what to expect on test day and pointed out where the testing room was (although obviously I was not permitted in there). Apparently most people opt for 12 noon GRE testing as opposed to 8 am but with instructions to get there 30 minutes early it’s not difficult to see why.

2 days and one afternoon to go ladies and gentlemen, pray for test #1.

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2 Responses to “Updated GRE Scores II”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    You will have ALL MY PRAYERS on Thursday and Friday! (Okay, I might say a quick 1 or 2 for others, but the bulk of it will be dedicated to you.) You are super smart, amazingly dedicated, and the most deserving person I know. You will score wonderfully and get into so many schools, you won’t know which one to choose!!!!

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    getting better! reminds me to crack open the lsat books..err

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