Updated GRE Scores III

gretest2Well, it’s almost time EEK. I’m not as nervous about it as I thought I would be but that being said I have another full day before the actual test day so we shall see tomorrow how those nerves hold out! I am definitely feeling more confident, I’ve been studying long enough that I should be! I have begun to recognize patterns, tips and tricks that I previously wouldn’t have thought to look for and that is definitely helping me with time management. Here is my updated test score table:

Quantitative (Math)
480 670 500 800
620 510 460 630
410 690 620 610
510 570 600 500
610 (ETS) 730 570 (ETS) 590
620 (ETS) 560 (ETS)

DO YOU SEE THAT? Do you see that nicely bolded 730 math score?  Sure it’s a test retake but me, miss ‘I had to take statistics twice in college because I did so poorly the first time I was asked to leave’, I got a 730! AND as the cherry on top this was the ETS prep test NOT the Kaplan test prep! I have my fingers crossed that I will do this well on Friday, If I do I stand a chance at almost every single school that I have been looking at!

Speaking of schools…when I go in to take the GRE on Friday I am supposed to have four schools that I want them to send my scores to. If you have them send the schools your test scores on the day of the test it is free, you get four freebies. If you wait until after test day you are charged $20 PER school – as if I have that money to waste! Herein lies the problem – I don’t have four schools picked yet! The struggle of finding a good school with a forensic psychology program that will pay a stipend enough to cover some of our expenses, guarantee funding (tuition waiver) as well as a decent area to relocate the family to is near impossible. One of my best picks and most challenging to apply for was John Jay in NY. The issue I have with this pick is that the amount they are offering for stipends IF you receive a position as a teaching assistant or research assistant (as well of whether you will get tuition covered) is not nearly enough to sustain a person in NY let alone a family. The second issue with this is that I don’t think I want to live in a shoebox? Living outside of the city is an option; however, it would mean my commuting to school…on a subway…I sure as hell am not driving in NY and the thought of riding a subway on my own petrifies me. I do so want to go to a prestigious school like JJ though.

So far I have three choices:

University of Reno, NV
University of Arizona (Not ASU because their program is a JD/PhD not just PhD – this means taking the LSAT and effectually doing two degrees at once)
University of Minnesota in Minneapolis (This choice worries me because I have the mental image of Minnesota as “St Olaf” as depicted by Rose in The Golden Girls but they have a program which has a focus on deception)

Minnesota is an iffy choice because Buzz will perhaps leave me if I choose to move us there…okay so he probably won’t but he won’t be the happiest man in the world either! I must keep looking until Friday to come up with more options!

On a completely separate note, those who were concerned about the mushroom cloud of yesterday, it has passed. Neither Buzz nor I are conflict seeking individuals and occasionally when bad days or miscommunications happen they are dealt with with silence and space…until he apologizes 😀

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    yefi says:

    math isn’t my best subject either so this instills me with hope! yeahy!

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