Updated GRE Scores IV

gretest3Well, we are officially under 24 hours to go, 18 to be exact although I have to get there early to fill in paperwork and to accommodate for the delays I expect with not being a US Citizen. I have everything set out and ready for tomorrow, my passport, my green card (in case it should be requested) and my list of four school codes to send my scores to. Nerves are starting to kick in a little but I’m not full blown panicking yet which is good.

Today was my last practice test, I didn’t expect to live up to the scores I had been getting because I was a little more lax in performance and not wanting to stress out too much, I took the test today more as just a run-through but regardless here is my final practice test score table:

Quantitative (Math)
480 670 500 800
620 510 460 630
410 690 620 610
510 570 600 500
610 (ETS) 730 570 (ETS) 590
620 (ETS) 570 560 (ETS) 600

Not too bad for today, not great but I’m not sweating it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent deciding which four schools I was going to pick to send my scores to. I ended up scouring the American Psychology-Law Society’s website for a listing of forensic psychology programs and that, in combination with university websites, publication searches and my copy of APA’s Graduate Study in Psychology, I made note cards of the schools that interested me. Each note card had the school name on the front side and on the back was listed: the program I am applying in to (forensic psych for most), the funding given to grad students, the key points that appealed to me about the program including names, the deadline for application, the application fee, the GRE code for the school, the GPA minimum for application, the Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores required for admission, and the average stipend given to students per year. I wound up with less programs than I thought I would have to pick from but still the choice was hard.

Somewhere along the way I decided that my magic number of schools to apply to was six. I need four for tomorrow, I had nine note cards total; however, after reading further information about one school in particular I dropped this choice and wound up with 8. My choices for tomorrow’s score recipients include: University of Nevada in Reno, University of Arizona, University of Illinois in Chicago and Boston College (this is the only non legal program which focuses in social personality psychology but has staff that research non-verbal behaviour.) I am nervous about some of my choices, I don’t know how we will afford to live somewhere like Chicago or even Boston but for now those things are not important, they will work themselves out, if I get in to the schools we will go from there.

Tomorrow afternoon after I finish my GRE my best friend, Queen Bee, is taking me to the beach – a celebration if you will. I will try to drop in and let you all know how it went but the possibility that I will be entirely too exhausted is a very real one so I shall see you, as the saying goes, when I see you!

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3 Responses to “Updated GRE Scores IV”

  1. 1
    michellany says:

    I will be thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow! (And eagerly awaiting your first post-GRE update!) You’ve prepared, you’re ready.

    The thing I think you should concern yourself with most is to remember to take sunscreen with adequate SPF for the beach afterward. (Unless the forecast is for the monsoon-like weather we’re having here in Atlanta!)

    Seriously. Because this test? You’re going to ROCK it!
    .-= michellany´s last blog ..Not Exactly Wordless Wednesday, 9.16.09 =-.

    • Amy says:

      You are too sweet! Thank you so much 🙂

      The forecast for the weekend is rain and thunder but I’ll pack that sunscreen anyway because I am the whitest person you have ever seen in your life and I don’t intend on turning in to a lobster!

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    big improvements in my opinion. hope i have as much success with lsats!

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