Virginia Is For Lovers?

uvaYou will recall that I had made the decision to apply to six doctoral forensic psychology graduate programs, four of which I had to pick prior to my GRE on September 18th. Literally since I walked out of the GRE I began to contemplate the other schools I had picked as options to see if I couldn’t pick the final two programs that I wanted to apply to. Each program in question has pros and cons and out of all of them one in particular stands out: UVA.

The University of Virginia has standards slightly higher than my achievements but I strongly believe that one must be challenged and undertake challenges in life and so UVA is mine. The location of UVA is an appealing point for Buzz as one of his major concerns with the programs I have decided upon so far are in states far from home where neither of us know one single solitary soul. I can understand the concern but to be honest I think it is something which needs to be tackled head on like any of the challenges the process of being a “non-traditional student” have brought about. If we do not branch out to new areas and meet new people then we will forever be residents of a limited area with a small circle of friends. My grandfather raised me to believe that there is no such thing as a stranger (okay so the ones in vans like I saw at the beach offering free candy are an exception but you know what I mean.) I am excited to step in to uncharted territory with a smile on my face and I’m hoping that wherever we end up, Buzz will be willing to do the same.

School #6 is proving a little more difficult of a choice. I sincerely want to apply to John Jay’s forensic psychology program; however, the problem that we are running in to is that of location. Buzz is a New Yorker so he knows the area but while there may be a friendship basis for him in the area there is not one single affordable living opportunity that fits a two person, one large dog household. The stipend I estimate for assistant teaching or research assistanceships results in no possible way to make things work without our living far out of the city and this would wind up with me commuting day in and day out and to be quite honest I’m not sure that is something I am prepared for. John Jay has an amazing program; however, so I am left bouncing back and forth between John Jay and other unexplored options and meanwhile that clock is ticking!

My graduate program selections in no particular order:

1. University of Arizona
2. University of Nevada, Reno
3. University of Illinois, Chicago
4. Boston College
5. University of Virginia
6. Unknown

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3 Responses to “Virginia Is For Lovers?”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    I love that you are applying to UVA. I also think that you should aply to John Jay. If the cosmos are working in your favor, you will find everything you need. Restated in a more personal way, if God wants you there, He will make a way for you to be there. 🙂

    • Amy says:

      I’ve been thinking the same although JJ would require me to take a subject GRE on MY BIRTHDAY to be considered for admission, tell me that doesn’t stink!

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    UVA is awesome. almost went there too. did you end up applying there?

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