Where in the World is That British Chick? Pt II

reno1Well it’s that time again, time to take a little trip with me around the grand old US of A. If you missed out on the first installment of  “Where in the World is That British Chick?” go check it out and read all about Boston – go ahead, we’ll wait…in the meantime if you need a quick refresher on why we are moving take a quick look at my About Me page! Now on to the fun fact finding mission with part II.

Installment II : University of Nevada, Reno

Reno is most certainly more Buzz’s type of town, somewhere that – like him, never sleeps. Okay so that’s New York but living in New York wasn’t feasible for us so this is the closest we would get to a city that never sleeps. The first factor that led to the choice of UNR was the slightly more lenient admissions requirements in comparison to some of the other schools I was looking at at the time. Once I mentioned UNR to Buzz I saw his face light up. We have both had a few trips out to Nevada in the past but only for tourist trips, you know Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam etc. Neither of us have ever ventured out to Reno. While Reno isn’t particularly a small city UNR is a school that seems to carry the warm small city atmosphere which was ever present in my undergraduate study. Whether this will be something that comes in to play for me or not I’m not sure because most graduate programs are cozy and one on one relationships expected. I do know that I already love everything I’ve heard about the faculty I would be working with.

Moving from our 1200 sq ft town house to Reno would be a little less of a change of s-pace for us, we wouldn’t be forced to cram in to a small apartment where taking jet out would mean walking a few flights of stairs first. While the bright light city life would take a little getting used to for me, Buzz having spent most of his life in Queens has no real reservations in this area. One aspect which we will have to overcome with life in Reno is the sweltering summers, whereas Boston would boast beautiful summers and unbearable winters Reno would most certainly offer somewhat of a different scene.

Reno promises to be an exciting place to live with frequent big events and plenty of opportunity to meet new friends and partake in community festivals and the like which is something Buzz and I have both vowed to take advantage of where-ever we end up. There is certainly no shortage of places to take road trips to with skiing the mountains (stay tuned for broken bone reports) and a short road trip to Cali on the cards for us.  Below are some of our living options should we wind up in Reno.


$1236 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1141 Sq Ft (Pet rent not listed) 19 minutes from school


$1200 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1300 Sq Ft (Pet rent not listed) 9 minutes from school


$979 4 Bedroom 2 Bath 1245 Sq Ft (Pet rent not listed) 7 minutes from school


$1200 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1474 Sq Ft (Pet limitations) 19 minutes from school

Our biggest obstacle in finding affordable living in Nevada has again been Jet, we do not have a 35lb dog and we do not intend on leaving our baby behind. Apparently people who live in apartments or townhouses in Nevada do not own large dogs. My question is that if I am allowed two 40lb dogs in my home why not one 80lb dog? I’d live on the first floor so no one heard him stomping around and it’s not like little dogs are any quieter than big dogs – in fact I find little dogs yapping to be more irritating than a few big barks…anyhow I digress. Our preference for Nevada is a townhouse, specifically the Waterstone townhouses (picture #4); however, I am still awaiting their response on the “pet limitations” unfortunately I am pretty certain that this means big dogs are out.

The draws of Reno: Ease of finding work should Buzz desire or need to work outside of our home, more local entertainment and opportunities for Buzz to occupy his time with fun activities, a convenient location within a few hours of California and two people we know who live there. It’s funny but you really underestimate how hopeful it is to know someone within driving distance when you are abandoning home for a completely new area.

The drawbacks of Reno: Trouble finding housing to accomodate our family and weeding out questionable areas, there seems to be a rising crime rate in certain areas and I do not intend on relocating my family to a ghetto.

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