Where in the World is That British Chick? Pt III

tucsonWell it’s that time again, time to take a little trip with me around the grand old US of A. If you missed out on the first or second installment of “Where in the World is That British Chick?” go check it out and read all about Boston and then all about Reno– go ahead, we’ll wait…in the meantime if you need a quick refresher on why we are moving take a quick look at my About Me page! Now on to part III.

Installment III : University of Arizona, Tucson

Arizona is actually a state that both Buzz and I contemplated living in long before I decided to go back to school and with the cost of renting in Tucson being as reasonable as it is it is still a good option for us. The weather in Arizona, while hot, is an arid hot as opposed to the muggy Southern summers that we are used to and overall our only real concern with moving to Arizona is the wildlife. We are not used to seeing a lot of snakes nor are we used to seeing scorpions and word is that Arizona is a favored location for both of these creepy critters. Aside from wildlife, however, the size of Tucson is perfect for both Buzz and I and somewhat comparable to where we live now. Arizona offers one of the better of the graduate schools that I have applied to as well as one of the widest arrays of living scenarios which of course appeals to us both.

Moving from our 1200 sq ft town house to Tucson would be a positive change for us in that we could afford a home in AZ. I’m not talking a two bedroom townhouse I’m talking a real house, a house with room for house guests and a backyard for Jet to play in with us – although this is contingent on the finding of creepy critters. Both Buzz and I are encouraged about the cost of living around Tucson and the variety of living arrangements open to us, it resolves one of our biggest fears about moving – winding up miserable and living in a shoebox apartment.

One of Buzz’s biggest concerns about moving to Tucson is the proximity of Tucson to Mexico. The Mexican border is just over an hour away from Tucson and while neither of us hold anything¬† against Mexico as a country we both want to live as far as possible from the horrific drug wars that have been taking place just over the border. That said plenty of Tucson-ians live in Tucson and haven’t been sucked in to the awful gang activity or warfare at the border so why should we be any different?

Here are a few of the places we have been looking at in Tucson, I haven’t included home pictures since homes available now will not be available next year:

$850 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1268 Sq Ft<br> (Pet rent not listed)<br> 30 minutes from school

$850 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1268 Sq Ft (Pet rent not listed) 30 minutes from school

$995 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1345 Sq Ft <br> (Pet rent $25 w/ $300 deposit)<br> 13 minutes from school

$995 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1345 Sq Ft (Pet rent $25 w/ $300 deposit) 13 minutes from school


$1059 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1300 Sq Ft (Pet rent not listed) 20 minutes from school

$959 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1046 Sq Ft <br> (Pet rent $20/month & $300 pet deposit)<br> 17 minutes from school

$959 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1046 Sq Ft (Pet rent $20 & $300 deposit) 17 minutes from school

It seems that Tucson is slightly more big dog friendly when it comes to renting but it also seems that they like to skirt around the issue a little bit giving measurements rather than weight for pet limitations some of which make no sense at all. Regardless should we end up in Tucson I am certain that we will be renting a house rather than an apartment or town home. Since the availability of homes varies with time and due to the fact that these are peoples houses I did not post any of the homes we have browsed online in the section above but you can log on to Rent.com to take a look for yourself if you are so inclined.

The draws of Tucson: The beautiful weather and the fact that it is always a state we have been interested in living in. The cost of housing is also a huge plus. Additionally the University of Arizona has a great psychology and law program available which I would be able to utilize in my studies.

The drawbacks of Tucson: The proximity to the Mexican border and the creepy critters.

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