10 Things I Know That You Should Too

Artificial Sweetener 1. The infamous “flat belly diet” ad that you’ve seen floating around the net? Just like all fad diets it doesn’t work but I will give you my flat belly diet for free – once you have lost your extra weight by diet and exercise try cutting out artificial sweeteners (particularly diet sodas.) For some women like me, the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda’s cause that unsightly pooch on the belly, you should see a difference in about a week of being free from diet soda.

2. The hours before midnight produce more productive and restful sleep, sleeping before midnight gives you the equivalent of 2 hrs restful sleep for every 1 hr – so get to bed early when you can!

3. No eating before bed is a dieting myth. The calories you intake before bed are just the same as the calories you intake any other time of the day, the reason it is recommended that you don’t eat before bed is because eating activates your digestive system which causes your body to be more active which could make sleeping difficult.

4. Good quality dark chocolate in moderation (I opt for Dove dark chocolate promises when I’m being cheap or the Belgium stuff when I have a few extra dollars) helps to relieve SOME people’s migraine pain.

5. Your opinion counts! E-mailing or calling companies with your feedback, both good or bad almost always pays. E-mailing Mizuno shoes when I had a poor fit with a pair of their shoes and the online retailer wouldn’t exchange them got me an exchange for a newer model shoe worth twice what I paid!

6. Bilingualism or at least adequate knowledge of a second language (particularly romance languages) increases English vocabulary abilities significantly. My second language is French, my soon to be third is to be Spanish…what’s yours?

7. It’s never too late to follow your dream – I’m living proof of that. You only live once and if you want something badly enough you don’t care how old you are, how financially stable you are or how smart other people think you are, you do it anyway.

8. For the calorie cost of one Big Mac and large fries you could have eaten: 45 Hershey Kisses or 81oz of baby carrots or 3/4 of a bag of Campfire marshmallows or 5 Tall, skim, no whip hot chocolate’s at Starbucks or 3 chef salads or…well you get the point.

9. Everybody has something to contribute, whether they are 2 or 202…okay maybe 102, everyone has had a different life experience and stopping to listen to them may help put you on the right path in your own troubles.

10. Compliment strangers and flash those pearly whites in a sincere smile whenever you get the chance and you’ll find that you notice more positive things in your own life as well as improve the lives of others too. Sometimes we all need a little restoration of our faith in mankind.

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Copyright Post Secret @ Postsecret.com

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One Response to “10 Things I Know That You Should Too”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Great Friday post!!

    “…sleeping before midnight gives you the equivalent of 2 hrs restful sleep for every 1 hr.” Um, maybe I need to try to get to sleep by 11pm at least then!!

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