9 Years – An Anniversary

cupcakeSo how do boyfriend and girlfriend of 9…no that’s not a typo…years celebrate an anniversary? Being that Buzz inevitably forgets I reminded him a  few days ago that our anniversary was approaching and told him that I wanted to go to a little cafe downtown that has the most delicious Cuban sandwiches. On a side note is there anything better than ordering a “hot pressed Cuban”? I think not 😀 So today that is just what we did.

We headed downtown around 2pm and dropped in to The Raleigh Times Bar (vendor of the above mentioned hot pressed Cuban.) We started off with their homemade guacamole and chips (I LOVE guacamole) and then came my huge hot pressed Cuban (okay, maybe adding the word huge on to the front of “hot pressed Cuban” is a little more fun!) I ate until I thought I would burst. The bar/restaurant itself is a pretty nifty place, built where the old Raleigh Times newspaper office was until it closed it’s doors after 110 years in business. The building itself was constructed in 1906 and much of the original molding and architecture is still in place and it is just amazing. It’s amazing to sit inside the restaurant and imagine how the paper ran in 1906, to visualize the Clark Kent of his day as he scurried from desk to desk with the day’s biggest story. The walls of the restaurant are plastered with old copies of papers behind plexiglass and framed in Christmas lights. The one copy that really got my attention was the one announcing JFK’s death. Once upon a time the very place that I was sitting was abuzz with the devastating news of an assassination. Looking behind me there was a paper from 1913 announcing a contest for a car. This building was alive and well before the beginning of world war one. The history of the very place that I was sitting was swimming all around me and I couldn’t help myself from sinking in to it as I was sucked in to each newspaper cover on the walls.

After I devoured half of my hot pressed Cuban (okay that one sounded disgusting), and a few massive scoops of guacamole we headed for The Cupcake Shoppe a few streets away to pick up a celebratory cupcake each. I picked out a delicately decorated carrot cake cupcake and Buzz went for the monthly special – the caramel apple. It was certainly not a dieting kind of day but it was one filled with good food and…well, more good food.

We decided to forgo cards this year, partly because I’m usually the only one that remembers – and is there anything worse than being the only one that remembers? – and partly because they always end up in the trash anyway. While today was definitely not spent with the enthusiasm of our first, second…even our fourth anniversaries, it was spent together which is a heck of a lot better than spending it alone.

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