A Changing of Routine

meditationThis week is going to be different. This week we continue the search for what is keeping my neck and back muscles so kinked up and so I am changing routine. So far we have changed my pillow (three times with a few nights on each), utilized physical therapy, changed office chairs (three chairs), utilized deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments and while all but the pillow have been helping there are just some muscles that will not let go. So, I have determined that the yoga I have been using to strengthen my back is out for the next few weeks as we seek to pinpoint what it is that is causing me trouble. This yoga is also going to be replaced with at least thirty minutes of meditation each morning in an attempt to release stress and unclench those neck muscles which seem to hate me oh-so-much right about now. I think meditation is going to be the key for me, a little relaxation to let go of all of those things that I chronically worry about. I worry too much, I worry all the time, I worry about things that don’t need to be worried about. So this week I am beginning my routine of guided meditation and stress relief. This week I am learning to let it all go and breathe.

On a positive note we discovered that the majority of my killer headaches were resulting from lack of caffeine intake (see my post earlier this week), so those have all but been eliminated and now we just focus on the muscle tension that is causing my literal pain in the neck!

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