A Crazy Week Ahead

ChairsThe house is emptying out and it’s emptying out fast this week! On Wednesday the twins (AKA Brother B and Brother J) are headed out to make their trek back to Missouri. On Thursday Nana is headed back to England. On Friday Dad is headed out to Missouri because (praise God) they have finally sold their house in Missouri and a few things need removing from the house before closing. It’s bittersweet because it marks a positive change for my parents – selling that house after over a year on the market, but a worrying imposition of independence for one of the twins.

I don’t like empty houses, I like houses brimming with family, love and togetherness. I think this is part of why I am so miserable at my home lately, just two of us and Jet rattling around that house. Still Mum and I are taking July 4th for ourselves, we’re heading out to one of the Disney parks and we intend on making a girls day of it and it’s going to be more fun than either of us have had in a long while!

As for me, I think I am slated to head home around July 21st with Buzz heading in to spend the last week with us here in Florida.

I can’t tell you how much I want to move down here, I don’t want to go back home, I want to live here in the sun, with family and where there is plenty of opportunity for fun at the Disney parks!

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