A Girls Weekend

Shopping BagsWell, perhaps it doesn’t count as a girls weekend since it’s just me, but still, I’ve been making the most of it. Buzz has gone up to NY with a friend to revisit his past and I planned out a nice weekend for myself. My weekend has consisted of quite a bit of shopping so far and a lot of spending money. When Buzz goes out of town I have a tendency to tackle DIY projects and I usually pick a room and go with it. This time I picked two rooms – although I won’t tell you what they are just yet in case Buzz reads this before he gets home. I’ve had fun redecorating anyhow.

I also took the chance today to do something I have never done before – I had lunch alone. I went to Jimmy John’s ordered my sandwich and sat there and ate it, alone. And it didn’t kill me. I’m not sure why the concept of eating alone is so scary, perhaps because it’s what the “losers” did in school, but today it was strangely empowering. I imagined other people watching me thinking “man, that’s pretty gutsy, she’s eating lunch on her own.”  Who knows, maybe they did?

I finished up shopping and came home to implement the last changes in my two rooms and now I’m about to set out on my days work, with a big box of Raisinets in hand. Is there anything better than Raisinets? Not today there isn’t!

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