A Good Heart

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There is a certain warmth in the air tonight as I sit here with my laptop and it is not the cozy warmth from my fancy new $12 sweater from Target, it is the warmth from a good heart.

Not too long ago I made a new friend through a friend and when we met I knew that he was a good person simply because he could sit and listen to my best friend and I gab on for over an hour about the state of affairs in our lives, catching up on every little detail without saying one single word. This man sat in silence eating his lunch as we yapped on and on unintentionally and completely forgetting that we weren’t being good company, more so absorbed in catching up with each other. It was at the precise moment that when we realized our faux pas and attempted to be more engaging as a group and he mentioned not one single solitary peep about feeling left out, that I knew that this was a good man.

Fast forward to today and I received a letter from my best friend and tucked inside was a Target gift card courtesy of our mutual friend. I was blown away at the thought that went in to a gift card to my FAVORITE store but when I came home and logged on to Target.com (seriously, did you think I would wait? I am a shopping machine!) and found out how generous this friend had been I quite literally began to cry. The thing is that whether it had been $5 or $500 (of which it was neither, I feel crass giving the dollar amount so I will leave it at that) the gift was from someone with a warm heart. I primarily sent my best friend an e-mail to ask her what I should do, not sure how to accept such a generous gift and secondarily I e-mailed him a thank you.

The thing about this story that warms my heart even now as I share with you is that, as some of you know from my Monday Mingle Vlogs, I have been struggling to pull money together to give my family the Christmas they couldn’t afford and consequently I am feeling particularly overloaded and stretched to my thinnest point (albeit without breaking.) While I value the opportunity to be able to do this for my family I sincerely underestimated how emotionally, financially and completely draining it would be (see recent blog posts). Someone who doesn’t know me too well yet, someone who has only ever met me once in person recognized how challenging this undertaking may be and saw me as being deserving of something as well, it could have been anything in my eyes but to just be recognized – that warms my heart.

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