A Little At A Time

subwayAs I’ve aged I somehow came to believe that I was superwoman. At some point I came under the impression that everything on that to do list must be done today but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be done today. The world will not end if I don’t redesign my own blog. The sky will not fall if I don’t work faster than expected just to please my boss at my part time job…in fact I have come to realize that no one but me really does care if things are done now.

Sometimes I have to slow down. I have to realize that living life and getting through the day to day is very much like losing weight. When I was fat…yes because I was FAT, I thought that there would never be a day in my life that I would be skinny again. I thought there was no way I would be the tiny girls that I envied without some magic pill that obviously didn’t exist. Then one day when I saw my own picture I realized that I could wait around as long as I liked or I could get off my ass and do something about it. I didn’t lose those 40+lbs overnight. In fact it took almost two years to get it off and keep it off. A little at a time. Small changes like Subway instead of Italian food. One slice of cheese instead of two. Light mayo instead of full mayo. Slowly these small changes became lifestyle changes but they didn’t all happen at once and surprise…the world didn’t end when they didn’t all happen at once. I still lost the weight.

It’s easy sometimes to forget that there is life to be lived while we are swept up in deadlines and the right now’s. Today as I venture down for my family time with Jet I am going to try and take a little more me time. Time without deadlines and rush jobs. Time without planning my future. Time to live in the moment and stop trying to figure out my whole life, hell I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and all this time spent worrying about the ‘what now’ would have been wasted.

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