A Monday Morning Update

KeyboardIn lieu of today’s Monday Mingle (because I didn’t feel well this weekend and am still nursing a headache) I have decided instead to do a check in IE: just a note on how random things are going.

The ant farm is doing well, although it took a day to get over the initial fright that during the night all of my ants would escape and I would wake up to something akin to that scene from Gullivers travels where he is strapped down by tiny shouting people…although in my case it would have been ants. They did not escape. Truth be told one escaped when it climbed up the stick I was using to save a drowning ant from the water bowl, I panicked and flung it across my desk but with the help of “Life of Pi” I managed to scoop it back up and put it back home. The ant seemed just as relieved, if not more so, than I was at being returned back to her friends. Yes, all of my ants are she-ants, this is a fact, I did not make it up.

My headache is slowly receding back to the depths of hell from which it came. I have been working on posture and increasing gentle stretches throughout the day to unkink my neck. I have also been alternately icing and heating my neck in order to reduce any swelling and increase blood flow. This seems to be helping.

Project comfortable bed seems to be going well. The comforter we ordered from the Marriott will arrive on Wednesday. I also invested in some organic cotton sheets this weekend which killed me for $55 at Target but they were worth the comfort factor. I also snagged the last king sized brown damask striped comforter cover along with the included king sized shams from my local Target. This should have been $55 but was picked up on clearance for $55. I also had my 10% rewards card so saved an extra 10% off the whole purchase. We then ventured in to Bed Bath and Beyond where we decided to go the whole nine yards and invest in some good pillows, one each. I have never spent more than $10 on a pillow before but due to the fact that my neck was still screaming on Saturday I gave in and dropped $59 on a pillow – I had a 20% off coupon. Buzz also had a coupon and picked up the same pillow. These pillows were amazing but turned out to be far too hard for me and so I exchanged mine for a softer model of the same brand which worked far better since I am a stomach and side sleeper and Buzz is a side and back sleeper. I have officially put myself in the poor house redoing this bed but it is all in hopes that a better night sleep will show through my daily routine as well as tempt Buzz to sleep more than once every two to three days.

Lastly this week I would like to mention that it is National Suicide Prevention week this week. Please find the the Hopeline button on my right sidebar or call 1.800.784.2433 if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help because more people out here than you could possibly imagine have struggled with depression and suicide. There is always someone who cares about you and I can tell you from experience that my one little Prozac a day has made such a difference in my life already. It’s so much easier to see when the clouds are lifted. Be kind to yourself, you are worth it xoxo.

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