A Note On Friendship

travelingI had intended today to write about my experience visiting a school down here in Florida; however, since the experience was neither astounding nor the definitive answer I was looking for as of yet, I have decided instead to let you all in on a little something that is going on in my life.

I have a couple of best friends, one female (how this happened I will never know because despite my best efforts to be nice to everyone, women and I just don’t gel too well) and one male. My male best friend doesn’t live anywhere close to me but we met through work and saw each other a few times a year at conferences for a while. We just clicked. It’s so hard to find people you ‘just click’ with sometimes but he and I did. We could talk about anything – and yes, I mean ANYTHING and neither one of us would feel uncomfortable. He saw me through rough patches and I saw him through girlfriends. Girls I knew weren’t right for him I said my piece when asked what I thought and otherwise let the relationship run it’s course. I knew that he would realize sooner or later that this wasn’t what he was looking for and let the girl go. Throughout our friendship which has lasted…oh I’d say seven or eight years now, there have been many “are you there **** it’s me Amy” or “are you there Amy, it’s me ****” moments and it never failed that soon enough we would pick each other back up, dust each other off and set about resolving the situation together, as best friends do. I have no doubt that did we live closer we would have spent many nights staying up until sunrise talking, guiding each other through the latest crisis.

The thing is though, well he has found a new girl, a girl who likes him and he likes her and they get along well and she seems to be perfect for him…with the exception of one thing…me. She is jealous of my friendship with him even calling him over a benign comment left on a Facebook picture to tell him that she felt I was stalking him…something to that effect. I don’t recall the exact terminology because I was so absolutely floored by it that it didn’t stick. I knew that I was going to be the “problem” that got him in to fights and so, being a good friend, I stepped back. I stopped commenting on his Facebook page at all, I barely get to talk to him at all anymore – a combination of my trying to stay busy and “find myself” and trying to respect his new girlfriend’s aversion to me. I daren’t call him or text him for fear that he’ll get the third degree and I daren’t e-mail or AIM in case she is there and again, gives him the third degree. The point is that I miss my friend.

I miss my best friend, my only male best friend. I feel like I did in the beginning of high school when one of the girls in my “friend’s” group decided that I was too annoying to hang out with so I was ditched by them all. I want to be angry, really I do but the part of me that is a good friend is happy for him that he has found someone that makes him happy. I’m just sad that it means that I have lost him in the process.

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2 Responses to “A Note On Friendship”

  1. 1
    Becca says:

    Oh man, what a hard post to read. I have a male best friend right now and my mom keeps asking me what is going to happen if either of us start to date someone. Maybe after they settle more into their relationship she will ease up, and he will assert himself more 🙂
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Charter On Demand =-.

  2. 2
    Daenel says:

    Awwww, doll, I’m sorry this is happening to you. My thoughts are with you and I hope things work out for you both.
    .-= Daenel´s last blog ..Libraries are Hawt =-.

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