A Pet Peeve

coldI was sitting eating lunch with Buzz a few days ago in one of our favorite coffee shops. As we sat there eating a gentleman walked by and standing near to our booth he proceeded to blow his nose. He did not just blow his nose once, he did it multiple times. Now, I’m not opposed to blowing your nose but where I come from you step out of the room or in to the restroom to do it and you certainly don’t do it in a dining room or anywhere that people are trying to eat. Seriously though, what could possibly make you believe that while I am eating I want to hear snot coming out of your nose or imagine the germs that you are carrying? In my culture you are considerate of people who are eating and you don’t blow your nose in front of them. I asked Buzz if this was a common “American” thing and he said he’d never heard of people being considerate when blowing their noses around other people. Really? Is her just messing with me or do people really not think about what they are doing around other people that are eating?

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One Response to “A Pet Peeve”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I try to avoid others when I have to blow my nose. Some times it can’t be helped but gross.
    .-= Queen Bee´s last blog ..When the night falls- my lonely heart calls =-.

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