A Time For Changes

ChecklistI talked about having a list of things I wanted to do before I turned thirty a few months ago. Actually I believe it was longer than a few months ago but somewhere in between my resolution to change my life this year and now I ran in to a rather big bump in the road that completely derailed me for a while. Well now that I’m headed back to the right path I took a look at my list. I haven’t done a lot of things that I planned to do on that list but I have done some other things instead. In my last year in my twenties I have done a few things that I am proud of when I look back at them. I have eaten alone twice, this may not seem like a big accomplishment but I think it is. In a society where people look at those who eat alone with pity it can be a little scary to sit down and eat alone but the truth of the matter is that it’s really not that scary. People generally leave you be and you can enjoy a nice few minutes alone sitting in the lunchtime sunshine. I have also begun my ant farm which I’m pretty excited about, although I have to send away for my ants and it could be three weeks until they’re here. I have also attained a new job thanks to my best friend Queen Bee. While I am still working at home it is doing something I enjoy much more than any thing I have done before and *knock on wood* I seem to be doing well with it. Most importantly this year though I made a change for me. I realized that I was getting lost and needed to find myself before the darkness completely took me over. I made a conscious decision to go back on anti-depressants and while this may seem like a weakness or a crutch to some, for me it has allowed me to turn back around and head back towards the right path for me. So here’s to seven more months of change and my last year in my twenties!

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    Queen Bee says:

    I love that we both are making our last year in our twenties the best year yet!!!
    .-= Queen Bee´s last blog ..Happiness =-.

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