Ahhhhmazing and Not So Much

MassageOkay so yesterday the dog wash went as well as can be expected. Jet struggled and locked his legs to avoid walking up the steps to the tub – we lifted him in and hooked him up to prevent him jumping out. He was NOT happy. Still, we only bath him a few times a year and he is blowing his coat right now it was definitely time for a bath. The dog washing facility was amazing, we got to use their industrial dryer, grooming tools, ear cleaners – the works and best of all we didn’t have to clean up the mess. Honest, there was a sign that said that they clean up the mess and after we were finished BOY what a mess there was! I’m pretty sure we left an entire dog behind. In return for enduring the bath, albeit not that well, Jet got a new stuffed toy on the way out. This was not the fun part of the day but he sure feels amazingly soft!

The best part of the day came when I got my relaxation massage. I had a male masseuse which I loved because apparently my pain tolerance is particularly high and a light touch massage wouldn’t feel like anything other than being stroked. Buzz and I shared a room but he had a female masseuse and a relaxing Swedish massage where mine was more catered to my current back and neck issues. My AHHHHHHMAZING masseuse combined relaxation techniques with some lighter deep tissue work and some rang of motion work that left me feeling good. While I am still sore and not quite back to normal yet it does feel different and I am going back next weekend to follow up with a second session in an effort to release these stubborn muscles. Apparently my neck, back and chest may as well be made from rock right about now and it’s going to take a little while to relax those muscles but once they are relaxed I should be able to get back to “normal” and I can’t wait!

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