Ain’t Your Life Grand?

angryI’m rather reserved in person. Sure I’m a happy go lucky girl in general and will flash anyone a smile but I try not to gripe and I don’t make a fuss because Lord knows I’m not about to embarrass myself by making a scene BUT…

A few days ago Buzz was talking to someone who said, in regards to Buzz’s work schedule of working two days and sleeping once every 48 hours that it was “simple when you don’t have kids.” When Buzz told me that this was said I wasn’t just angry I was absolutely pissed off. Firstly sleeping once every 48 hours isn’t simple it’s downright insane and I’ve pleaded with Buzz to quit this schedule for goodness knows how long. Secondly I’m just plain tired of people with kids telling me how simple my life is because I don’t have kids. I understand where they are coming from really I do but I think that it is simply a rude and completely assuming thing to say.

My issue with people who tell me that my life is easy because I don’t have kids has many points:

Firstly I am not the one who told these people to have children, it was obviously a choice on their part and don’t get me wrong I love kids but why is it suddenly my fault that they have them and I don’t?

Secondly what a very hurtful thing to say when you have absolutely no idea how someone elses childbearing status stands. What if I were unable to have children or had been trying to conceive for years to no avail? Does that make my life easier because I “don’t have kids?”

Thirdly and most of all, who is to say what a simple life is? For example this individual who uttered these words is rather well off and still finds opportunity to complain about their life. Me? Well I scrape by and I try not to complain, heck I’m happy enough if I have money to eat Subway once a week but my life is by no means simple. While managing my own company I also happen to be managing the graduate school application process. In addition to this I am volunteering to code data for a graduate student to gain experience for graduate school. I also happen to be working one steady part time job (which I feel fortunate enough to be able to do at home) and moonlighting on another part time job for someone else because simply put, I need the money. These jobs suck every ounce of energy from my body and yet I still find the time to balance finances, grocery shop (with coupons) and keep our house in some kind of order. Do I complain? Sure, once in a while I complain that I’m overworked, underpaid or worn out but who doesn’t? Do I feel fortunate to be able to work from my home? You bet your ass I do. Do I think that my life is simple? Well I’ll leave that one for you to answer.

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4 Responses to “Ain’t Your Life Grand?”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    Some people speak without ever bothering to PROCESS THROUGH THEIR BRAIN what they are saying, assuming they have a brain that can process a thought.

    Anyone who has ever stayed up for 48 straight knows that it is not easy, that your brain tends to lose drive, and for me personally — my math skills go straight into the toilet after a solid 24. I’m talking about ‘cannot figure out what 1/2 of a 1/2’ is.

    I hate the schedule simply for the toll it takes upon his body. Sleep is meant to come nightly, not every couple days.

  2. 2

    That is a crazy schedule for Buzz, sometimes my husband get caught up in his work like that too and can’t sleep and it gets so exhausting that he gets the shakes.

    That is a very insensitive statement.

    I remember struggling so much too and found joy but people would always thought I was well off or something. They didn’t come close enough to see the faded crease lines in my old clothes I guess.

    It is our outlook. We try to be thankful more than gripe but alas some just cannot get that.

    Life it not easier with or without children. Life is life and each of our journey will be different. Who am I to tell someone they aren’t suffering or having it hard because they aren’t experiencing what I’m experiencing!

    Let’s hope you feel a bit better getting it off your chest boo. I hear writing can be cathartic , just like tears šŸ™‚
    .-= JamericanspiceĀ“s last blog ..My eye – My window: World Glaucoma Week – March 7-13 =-.

    • Amy says:

      I did feel better getting it off my chest but I have also moved past it, there is no point dwelling on it in my opinion. Hopefully though people reading will realize that things like this that can seem like harmless statements aren’t so harmless.

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