An Act of Desperation

merSee the incredibly gorgeous shirt to the left, not only is it colorful but it has a built in control top. NOT ONLY does it have these two great qualities but it was also on sale for $4 at Target, on the clearance rack…the catch? It was only available in an XS. Determined to get this amazing shirt for $4 I went to try it on. As it happens, and I already knew this before trying on the shirt, I am not a size XS. In fact, nothing about me is extra small. I somehow got in to the shirt…I should have taken my cue when I felt my arms pinned to my ears as I pulled it on, but no, I had to get it all the way on just to see. I pulled it down and when I stood in front of the mirror bulging in all the wrong places knew that I had to get it off. Herein lies the problem. For some unknown reason it is not as easy to get out of a tight shirt as it is to get in to it and as I stood in front of that mirror in a very confined dressing room with my arms completely pinned to my ears this time, the shirt somewhere up around my chest and the neckline completely wedged around my shoulders I realized that I was almost completely stuck. Panic ensued. The brief “what if I’m really stuck” scenario ran through my head as I imagined a store clerk having to cut the idiot who tried on a shirt that was obviously too small out of said shirt whilst trying not to cry with laughter, while I fought back tears of embarrassment. To be honest though I quite think that I would have been laughing as well because, hell, what else can you do when standing half naked in a dressing room looking like a fashion terrorist with a shirt over your head and a dressing room attendant struggling to cut you from the offending shirt without taking chunks of your hair in the process? In an attempt to avoid the embarrassment, however, I found that snaking my arms out of the neck hole of the shirt and wearing it like a tube top allowed me just enough room to pull it over my head…but not without leaving crease lines all over my face first.

Sometimes the desperation to get a good deal also knocks all the common sense right out of our heads but I tell you what, it makes for a hell of a good laugh.

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2 Responses to “An Act of Desperation”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I have to admit, I giggled. Maybe because I’ve been there before, with the moment of panic at being stuck in a shirt in a dressing room, which is all in all, quite comical.

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