An Update On My Little Man

JetYou may remember that Jet got hurt during a venture to the dog park a few weeks ago, well I’m happy to report that aside from being a little stiff (which is not unusual) he has recovered well. I have implemented a supplement of Dasuquin to get us by until we return home to our usual vet for Adequan shots that help his joints feel more fluid and less creaky.

Last night my little man…who incidentally weighed in at 83lbs on his last check up decided that there was room for him on my roll away cot. The two of us lay perfectly still, his nose nuzzled in my armpit and his legs curled up in to my stomach. It was sweet but we both knew that neither of us would be able to sleep that way and after fifteen minutes or so he hopped back down on to the floor. It was nice while it lasted though, a quick cuddle before bed. Who says you need two legger kids to make you feel like a good mom?

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