Apartment Hunting and Dead Boyfriends

preserveI will preface by quelling any fears that there are actual dead people in this blog entry – there are not. A few minutes from now there may be…but probably not…but there may be.

Today, after a solid eleven hours sleep (I couldn’t believe it either) I took Buzz to lunch at one of my favorite lunch spots (Zoe’s). I was in the mood to be outside and being that things between us are tense and food seems to ease that tension I offered to buy him lunch. After a pleasant lunch outside we decided to go and take a look at one of the apartment complexes we’ve been considering moving in to sometime this summer. It has been a long time since either of us has lived in an apartment…I’d say about seven years or so. Things have changed in the past seven years. Apartments have most certainly grown larger. I loved the place we looked at today, it’s large, the people seem friendly enough and they had no problem with us bringing a big black dog along with us which always gets praise from me. This may be the one. Of course we have plenty of other apartments to look at beforehand, at least three more complexes but for the space and the price (1,400 sq ft, 3 bedrooms for $1085 it seems like a great deal. It is more than we are paying here, we pay $1,000 a month but we would save $57 a month alone in gym fees, $50 in water/sewage fees, $40 in electricity (minimum savings) and we would have an extra bedroom so my family and of course Queen Bee and her little one could come and stay with us often. The deck of this place was also unbelievable, almost the size of the master bedroom – in fact it was the width of the master bedroom and just over half the length. They want word from us for a June move in. We’re going to do our shopping around in the next week or so and see if we can decide on where we will be going. I am excited to move though, get a fresh start in a home that I can truly make a home.

As for the dead boyfriend? Well right before blogging I remade our bed after washing the dog hair covered blankets and sheets. Upon asking Buzz to hand me the top sheet from the dryer so I didn’t have to hop down and back up again carrying dog hair on to the new sheets I heard a huff. A huff to which I responded “come on I’m making the damn thing aren’t I?” – seriously whoever created king sized beds with paneling around the mattress needs to be shot. The man’s response? “It’s your job” Of course it was said in jest but if you ask me one of the most dangerous times to “jest” with a woman besides when she is holding a frying pan, is when she has just finished wrestling a fitted sheet (that is always an inch too short) on to a king size mattress that is surrounded by paneling. So if you see me on the news today I think you’ll agree that it’s completely excusable.

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