Are You A Window Shopper Too?

shoppinggirlI’m working on adding a new page to my blog, it would have been done today but being the perfectionist I am I couldn’t find a plugin that did exactly what I wanted and consequently I am still working on it. The new page stemmed from my desire to shop, shop, shop. We all know that guilty feeling that comes with over shopping and for some of us even buying one thing for yourself when there is someone else in the family that could use something a lot more than you could use that pair of shoes but I say to hell with it. Once in a while you have to reward yourself if for nothing else than being you and this is what my new page is all about.

I spend at least an hour each day planning out things that I need, or simply just want, to prepare for my journey to graduate school. Window shopping I pick out the outfits I will need for interviewing at grad schools, the warmth I will need to add both to my wardrobe and my house if we do end up moving to Boston (can we say down comforter anyone?) and I never really had a place to put these things until now. My newest page ‘My Product Picks’ will feature items that I may not own yet but recommend for someone living a lifestyle like mine. These products will range from the practical coffee mug that won’t disintegrate your lips with 1000 degree coffee to a dress which will leave you looking spiffy for school (or work) but nothing like an 18 year old cheerleader (why designers think women older than 18 but younger than 45 need to wear cutoffs and skin tight dresses is beyond me because I certainly don’t resemble Angelina Jolie…do you?) So if you’re ever looking for a cute dress or a resourceful answer to keeping out the cold remember to drop by and window shop at My Product Picks!

Now, back to work!

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