As Time Passes

puppyYesterday when we were at the dog park Jet was tackled by three dogs and he bounced back up so we thought nothing of it. We thought nothing of it until he tried to get up last night after laying down for a few hours. His leg was completely lame. We thought it was maybe just asleep and waited for him to walk it off. He couldn’t walk it off. He couldn’t get up the stairs to bed. He couldn’t put weight on it at all. This morning he seems a little better, he is putting minimal weight on it but still in pain when he tried to walk. While this is a sprain/strain and will resolve itself without vet intervention it is still worrying. It reminded me that my boy is not invincible, he is aging and one day – hopefully a very long time from now, he will no longer be with me, laying by my side and it will absolutely break my heart in to a million pieces. For now I will spend every breath of my being on loving this little fur kid of mine but we could certainly use your get well soon prayers.

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2 Responses to “As Time Passes”

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    Nicole says:

    Oh poor Jet!

    PS Your posts have been great lately, I keep meaning to comment but I’ve had a ton of stuff on my plate these days. I am reading though!
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