Attention This is Your Brain Talking…

burnedoutThere are just some days that you know you just can’t do anymore, you can do what you can do and that is it – today is one of those days. I got a late start but still dragged myself to the gym for my usual “me time” before grabbing lunch and getting started on my test o’ the day. I’m gymmed, showered, fed and I’ve even managed to go over the test I took yesterday to find out why I got certain questions wrong but as I sat back down to begin my test for today it hit me. It’s the end of the week and I am burned out, I decided to try and forge ahead anyway but after slightly struggling through the verbal I hit the math and 4 questions in I was already 15 minutes in to my time. My brain wasn’t working – it still isn’t, it has officially decided to take off for the afternoon and to be quite honest i don’t blame it. So with permission from my frazzled brain I am resigning my afternoon to a movie on the couch with my fur kid, Old El Paso’s enchilada bake (which I will beg Buzz to cook while I disappear in to the couch cushions) and possibly a few squares of Dove dark chocolate and for tonight at least graduate school can wait.

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One Response to “Attention This is Your Brain Talking…”

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    Queen Bee says:

    An enchilada bake sounds yummy. I hope it helped your brain rest and re-wire.

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