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WaveI was searching on Istock for a hand waving but when this picture showed up for wave I thought it was appropriate and snagged it instead. You may have noticed that I missed yesterday’s post, I spent the morning with my family and then Buzz, Jet and I hit the road to come back to North Carolina. We waved goodbye to a tearful Mum, a tired Dad and two upset dogs. The journey was relatively uneventful and now that we’re at home things are starting to fall in to place. Jet is upset…Jet is REALLY upset because he doesn’t have the other dogs to play with. I am upset because I miss my family and Buzz is upset because…well we still have issues to work out and yes, these issues upset me too. I am trying to take it one hour at a time and figure out how to step myself to the next place my life needs to be. I feel like a bumbling toddler and I’m terrified. I feel somewhat alone…no I feel very alone, but I am trying to ignore that feeling as I keep trudging one foot in front of the other.

I hate to sound ridiculous but, I miss my Mum. I miss my brothers and my Dad and I just miss having my family here. I don’t know how people go without contact with their families for years because even though I’ve had ups and downs with my family I’d be completely lost without them. Life is lonely without family.

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