Black Out!

blackAt around 1pm today disaster struck…okay so I’m exaggerating but it feels pretty disastrous when the power goes out. There was scheduled work by the power company on some local power lines today and while I expected it, I expected it on Thursday…which according to my brain was yesterday.

I was vacuuming when the disaster struck and at first I thought that Jet had unplugged the vacuum out of his desperate fear of the humming monster that insists on chasing him around the house…this was not the case. As the vacuum went off I could hear Buzz screaming at the top of his lungs from upstairs¬† “nooooooooooooooooooooooooo” and as he paused to take a breath I began to ask what happened when I was interrupted by another blood curdling “nooooooooooooooooooooo.” Buzz’s monitor had rebelled against the lack of power and shut down leaving him with no way to save his current project.

Lack of power always leaves me completely befuddled. Standing in the middle of the kitchen I decided it best to make best use of the time and grab a bite to eat – a grilled cheese. Ah, right the sandwich maker uses power. I resigned instead to make a cup of hot chocolate – oh yeah no hot water. Headed upstairs I figured that since my laptop runs on it’s battery for a good hour and a half I could check my e-mail…but not without the router which uses power. I was becoming aggravated with my own stupidity at this point so decided it best to get out of the house to pick up something for lunch. I headed to my vanity and flipped the light switch twice (just to make sure)…okay so I aimed to put my makeup on in the dimly lit bathroom. Sure that I had orange streaks across my face at this point I headed in to answer natures call before heading out…you would think that after so many years of using a toilet that you would know just where the seat was; however, something about being in the dark completely throws you off and makes sitting on a toilet seat in the dark something akin to a carnival game – make it to the seat without falling on the floor first and you win a prize! It was time to head out for lunch.

We had some coupons for our local Moe’s so we headed over to grab a free lunch. It was a quick lunch as we were both anxious to get back and get to work – the unfortunate part of working at home is that when they schedule this power outage for people who work 9-5 there is no consideration for those who don’t actually work 9-5. Anyhow, we headed back…to a still powerless house. No worries, I told Buzz, I’d get us a coffee and hot chocolate whipped up and we’d wait for the power to come back on. So I flipped the switch on the coffee maker and I waited…right, no power.

No power also means no heating and as the chill was really starting to set in downstairs we opted to light a fire and play X-box…yeah, about that power thing. Okay, so we settled on just the fire. Setting up the fire log we built a tee-pee out of wood around it and just as I went to light the match I heard a hiss. Not a snake sort of hiss but a heating coming on sort of hiss. Our beloved central heating had come on which meant….our power was back! In typical electricity addicted fool style we both grabbed our warm drinks as a precaution in case the power decided to go out again, and raced up the stairs to start our beloved laptops and get to work.

How did people do it before electricity? Hell, I couldn’t even pee in the dark without falling off the seat once!

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2 Responses to “Black Out!”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I laughed so hard reading this because I do the same thing!!! I think, “Power’s out… okay, no problem, I’ll go take a bath by candelight. DOH, no hot water. Okay, I’ll be good and clean. Let’s start with vaccuming. DOH. How about dusting? In the dark? DOH.” I begin ticking through the things I can actually do without power and realize my brain doesn’t function without electricity on in the house either!

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